LifePrint Homeopathy

At the cutting edge of the holistic medical field, LifePrint Homeopathy utilizes new homeopathic methodology which is based on the Mumbai group’s Vital Sensation approach as seen through the lens of Rupert Sheldrake’s work in morphogenetic fields.

Our unique approach involves a comprehensive two to three hour intake, which draws out and identifies that core pattern or LifePrint on which we prescribe. Once we identify a life-long pattern of unwanted behavior, distressing thoughts or chronic physical illness, we then find the unique match from nature that will allow a release from those patterns. What remains is the unhampered human experience of vibrant health!

What is your unique story of separateness and lack that you’ve told yourself since you were a child? What old adaptation behavior prevents you from feeling safe and happy in the present moment? LifePrint homeopathy identifies your hidden story, the baggage of your life, then treats it in such a way as to free you from it’s influences.


Malcolm sees clients in Hood River, Oregon and also works with people long distance via Skype or Zoom
For more information or to make an appointment, please contact by email.

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