Working With Malcolm

I met Malcolm at a point in my life when everything as I knew it dissolved. It was by choice that my marriage ended and I left my home and practice, but I was devastated non the less. I was at a point in my life where I felt like do or die, literally at the level of my heart and spirit. I met Malcolm within a week of moving back to Portland and began my journey with homeopathy. My experience with this medicine has been profound. For me, it has felt like a deep and powerful excavation of my psyche. It has been a time of leaning into the discomfort and taking an up close and uncomfortable look at all the ways I live through my stories and beliefs, like a worn path that has taken me in circles for as far back as I can remember. 
Facing ones shadows is not for the faint of heart but I can say that I feel more solid in myself than ever. It is an opportunity for transformation on many levels. 
Malcolm creates a safe and sacred container for this deep work. He is extremely intuitive and real. He walks his talk and I feel blessed to be supported on this journey with him.  CM Portland, OR

Working with Malcolm has so far been the most fascinating and powerfully, transformational journey I have ever been on. Without a doubt he was guided to choose a remedy that opened me up to healing on the deepest levels of my unconscious, my body and soul. It is hard to believe that a little pellet can make such a difference in one’s consciousness. The remedy he chose brought a serious of dreams that he interpreted and allowed me to understand what my soul was communicating to me. It changed my perspective profoundly. Over time I witnessed the unraveling of psychic and emotional blockages I tried to remove for years without success. I had many dreams about my family, my father, with whom I have a difficult relationship with, and about cleaning. Those dreams were clearly about emptying out what no longer served me. This process answered questions I was grappling with and brought a level of self-acceptance and appreciation I didn’t anticipate. I am deeply grateful for the work we have done and are continuing to do. It has brought me closer to the living spirit within. 

“Malcolm’s great strength in this area is to make dream material applicable to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of daily life and being able to turn dreams into cogent, readily available guidance that informs and supports the ongoing practice of becoming one’s authentic self. His clarity, wisdom, compassion, and insight are both exemplary and inspiring. I feel that I have done deeper, more effective work in a year with him than in any decade of intensive personal work that I have done to this point.” BC

“I’ve done a lot of personal growth work, but with all my self-awareness there was something that I just couldn’t resolve. Malcolm’s deepened intuition and staggering breadth of knowledge got to the root of that thing. I will be forever grateful for the freedom that his work has brought to me. A large part of the process is working with dreams and Malcolm’s interpretations are masterful. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that although the work is deep, Malcolm makes it exciting and fun. I have recommended Malcolm to clients, colleges, family, and friends alike. There’s no better seal of approval that I could give”. – Sherri Brown, Core Energetics Practitioner and Co-founder of Corevolution Program in NYC
“Working with this extraordinary doctor has been life changing. This is not a toss off phrase. This happened. After a failed 22-year marriage and 15 subsequent years of transitory relationships and numerous therapeutic tries, I was at the end of my emotional rope. Clear that something had to shift inside of me, and in complete despair, I reached out to him.  Why? I had seen the before & after videos of his patients. I wanted an “after” video. I wanted the emotional pattern of rejection, humiliation & abandonment banished. I wanted to be set free. I admit I went in blind, willing to do what was prescribed, including giving up my beloved daily wine habit. On May 31st, 2015 I took the remedy and threw out the booze. One year, thousands of feelings later that were finally felt and honored (not medicated and stuffed) I emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon.  I was completely in love with myself, and had reached the acceptance and compassion and loyalty for me that I had been seeking outside.Without any hesitation, I would say work with Malcolm and mine the priceless information the remedy will provide. It one of the most effective forms of healing I have ever encountered. And he is a skilled surgeon of the subconscious.” MM California

“Working with Malcolm is a game changer. After years of personal work I still could not access this one stubborn place within that was holding me back. Since embarking on this journey with Malcolm I have experienced profound and subtle changes that are having a huge impact on me and my life in such a positive way. As a result I am feeling grounded, confident and able to experience much more joy. This has been a truly healing experience and I would highly recommend it.” JE New York “I have worked with Malcolm for about 3 months and I am not exaggerating when I say that he has changed my life…for good. The issues I struggled with for most of my 47 years, the ones that I thought I would have for the rest of my life – even after decades of therapy, 12 step groups, all sorts of alternative modalities – have been transformed in a way that I could never imagine. It’s not easy work. He is feeding you your shadow – you must be willing to look into your dark places. But Malcolm guides you gently, expertly, and with love to those places and into your truth, your true essence, your light. If you are ready for that, take the remedy.” – A.A. California

“Before meeting Malcolm my experience with Homeopathy was minimal. So when he first explained his shadow work and the Journey I might be setting out on, I felt like I was entering into some great mythic quest lifted from Arthurian legend. And being perfectly honest, my work with Malcolm has proved worthy of the metaphor. Thanks to the remedy Malcolm prescribed me, and his guidance through it’s work on me, I have been able to bring light to some of the darkest corners of myself. At first it was hard, even unbearable, to look at them, for I had been working most of my life to keep these truths hidden away. But with Malcolm’s regular assurance, I’m starting to be able to look at the whole of myself without feeling a need to cover anything up. The whole story, the whole truth, unburdened of the falsity painted on by anxiety and self judgment —That is what working with Malcolm has given me. And I am forever grateful for it.”AB California

I’ve been working with Malcolm Smith for about 5 years now. We began our work together focused on naturopathic medicine and releasing my childhood trauma. In the last few years, our work has focused on dreamwork. Most nights nowadays I have very clear dreams which are becoming more lucid, meaning I am aware I am dreaming and can navigate my way consciously within the dream. It turns out, our soul or higher self has it’s own symbolic language for communicating to us in dreams. Since the active mind is not interfering, the guidance provided in dreams is amazingly accurate, but it requires clear interpretation. Malcolm and I have had many sessions together in which he has helped me see what my higher self is communicating to me through the symbology of my dreams. He has mastered the art of dream yoga and dream interpretation. This work has been the most profound of any spiritual practice I’ve experienced in my life. Over time, Malcolm has taught me how to interpret the signs and see the deeper meaning of the characters and experiences that show up in my dream time. It turns out, our “waking state” operates in very much the same way. As a result of this ongoing work with Malcolm, I’ve become more lucid in my waking state and better able to follow the call of my soul in my “waking dream” experience. I’m now literally living the life of my dreams and I know it!I highly recommend Malcolm as a guide and mentor for this sacred work.
Jeff Miller, San Francisco CA 

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