Informational Healing

Energetic Tools For Releasing Limiting Beliefs– from Malcolm Smith ND on Vimeo. There’s a powerful paradigm shift that’s happening in the world of holistic health and healing. It’s a movement away from the use of physical substances to treat illness and disease. We’re at an amazing time in the world where physicists and mystics are reaching the same conclusion with regard to what we perceive and what is the true reality of the physical world. Scientific research... Read More

Video Tour of Homeopathic Symposium’s Online Learning Center

HS Online Learning Center provides interactive study modules using video from actual patient interviews with optional Instructor commentary interspersed at 10 minute intervals.  These cases are worth 5 credits of continuing education and are used by many progressive Homeopathic Schools to fulfill prerequisites toward certification. These hours of study have been approved as a CEU provider for members of the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners.  The Homeopathic ... Read More

Homeopathic Symposium teaches Rajan Sankaran’s Vital Sensation Approach to Homeopathy

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Dr. Malcolm Smith on the Vital Sensation Approach to Homeopathy  Read More

Healing Tubs

This 8′ cedar hot tub is filled with pure well water which uses a silver/copper/zinc ionizing system so no chemicals are needed.  Submerged in the center of the tub and lit from below is a 60 pound smoky citrine crystal which is over four million years old. The crystal creates coherence in the water, structuring it through vibration.  Soaking in this tub creates an enhanced meditative state and deepens connection with one’s intuitive guidance. At Healing Tubs we... Read More

Homeopathic Symposium is an Online Learning Center devoted to supporting Homeopathic Schools around the world.  Many schools use HS as an adjunct to their on-site teaching to broaden their student’s knowledge and to take advantage of additional clinical hours available to the students online. The site can also be used for continuing education credits by professionals. Some Professional Homeopaths use the site to study the Vital Sensation Technique developed by the Mumbai... Read More

LifePrint Homeopathy

At the cutting edge of the holistic medical field, LifePrint Homeopathy utilizes new homeopathic methodology which is based on the Mumbai group’s Vital Sensation approach as seen through the lens of Rupert Sheldrake’s work in morphogenetic fields. Our unique approach involves a comprehensive two to three hour intake, which draws out and identifies that core pattern or LifePrint on which we prescribe. Once we identify a life-long pattern of unwanted behavior, distressing thoughts... Read More