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There’s a powerful paradigm shift that’s happening in the world of holistic health and healing. It’s a movement away from the use of physical substances to treat illness and disease.

We’re at an amazing time in the world where physicists and mystics are reaching the same conclusion with regard to what we perceive and what is the true reality of the physical world. Scientific research now firmly supports the idea that very little of the human body is actually physical substance, that most of it is a vibrational pattern holding a tiny amount of physical matter in position. This brings new support to the idea that we’re energetic beings having a physical experience.
Now more than ever, holistic practitioners are embracing that concept and turning away from not only drugs but even the use of herbs, to more purely informational forms of treatment.
As a naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon, I’ve been working with energetic and informational medicine for many years, but I wasn’t always open to this type of healing work. The first thirty-seven years of my life, I was a staunch supporter of what I called real medicine. If I was sick or ailing in some way, I wanted strong prescription drugs if at all possible. I had grown up with rather severe food allergies and if I slipped up and ate something that I was allergic to, I would find myself in the emergency room with gripping, cramping pain in my gut. At that point I wanted the strongest pain killer they would give me in addition to a muscle relaxant, acid reducer and something to reduce inflammation.

Then thirteen years ago, that all changed when I happened on a lecture given by a woman in a health food store about homeopathy and stomach ailments. I was there to buy some Chapstick and no one had shown up for her lecture. I took advantage as I do of free advice and asked her what she recommended for someone like me with extreme food allergies. She explained that she was a “classical” homeopath and that there were several hundred remedies for food allergies and only one that would work for me. That would require a two hour intake, but then, yes, she could probably help me.

So much for free advice! When she told me her consulting fee was $500, I thought to myself that there wasn’t anything that she could tell me to take from this health food store that was worth $500.
After speaking with me for a few minutes, the homeopath could tell that I wasn’t interested, but she shared with me that she had an intuitive hit that she knew what homeopathic remedy was needed to help my food allergies: a club moss called lycopodium; it was there in the store, and on her instruction, I paid five dollars and placed only three little sugar pills under my tongue.

The homeopath told me that if this homeopathic remedy was the “right match,” then that one dose was all that was needed to address my food issues. That sounded not just improbable, but actually insane! I had absolutely no belief that this alternative homeopath could help me where all the western medicine doctors had failed. That evening, I jolted awake at 4:00 a.m., with energy surging through my body. I sat there trying to understand what could be causing this. It wasn’t those three little pills from the health food store. This was a strong, over-amped physical response like the time studying in college when I’d drunk way too much coffee. That began a kind of all encompassing transformation that occurred on every level of my being. Within a few days all of my food allergies went away, my weekly nose bleeds just stopped, and my ability to write dramatically improved. Most of my life I had had challenges around word finding, forgetting simple names of not only people but common objects as well. All of that simply vanished from the single dose of three pills of Lycopodium 200c.

When I researched more about homeopathy to find out what had created this hard to fathom change, I found I had stumbled down Alice’s rabbit hole into an area that was beyond scientific explanation.Homeopathic preparations are made using a method of serial dilution, which removes the physical (often toxic) properties of a substance and leaves only the energetic pattern, the information of the substance. Called “remedies,” the physical plant used to make the medicine that so dramatically brought my body into perfect health had been diluted to such an extent that it would have been equal to placing a pinch of club moss into a body of water the size of Lake Erie, stirring it and then taking ½ a teaspoon. Obviously, no physical substance was there to create the change I had experienced.

This was my very dramatic introduction to informational medicine.

I was a screenwriter at the time and ended up following some inner guidance to take a course correction away from writing movies and into the world of holistic health. Six years later, I became a Naturopath and began working in Portland, Oregon, practicing homeopathy as a licensed physician.

The type of homeopathy that I experienced and that I use with my patients isn’t to be confused with acute homeopathic treatment, which is what you’re apt to find in a health food store to address the flu or poison ivy. The deep, life changing constitutional treatment involves spending several hours with a homeopath who looks to identify a pattern of limitation, lack and separateness that’s unique to that person. That pattern is then matched to the substance in nature which causes a similar pattern in the human experience when ingested in physical form. Taking the homeopathic informational version gives the body the instructions it needs to release what can be a lifelong pattern of limitation.

The challenge with this process is that there are over 5,000 homeopathic remedies and unless a very accurate prescription is made, the potential healing transformation will not occur. With a success rate of about eighty percent, I found much of my waking thoughts focused on what I might do differently to help that twenty percent of my patients that were still suffering.

Then I was in Los Angeles at a modern healing facility called Beneveda and my colleague Dr. Thom Lobe introduced me to a new form of informational medicine. It was a computer-assisted device called the Trinfinity8. Dr. Lobe explained to me that this machine sent algorithmic codes into the body by way of quartz crystals held in each hand. He started to go more into the theory and I stopped him and asked for a demonstration. I needed a personal experience to get my interest. He showed me a list of seventy programs treating a variety of issues, from ones used to deepen a meditative state, like Divine Alignment and Heart Resonance, to programs which were regenerative and enlivening to the physical body.I asked him to choose a strong one, one I would notice, and he suggested ten minutes of Energy Boost. I listened to ethereal music, watched beautiful swirling fractals on a laptop and held in my hands two crystals attached to the laptop. Not an unpleasant experience, but I didn’t feel anything happen from it…
…until two hours later, at 5:30 that evening. It was a similar energy boost to the one I had felt with the homeopathic remedy. I was up, wide awake, even a bit jittery, and amazed that holding crystals for ten minutes could have such a powerful effect.

It was the perfect event to get my attention. I contacted Dr. Kathy Forti, the woman who created the device and I heard first-hand how she had had a near death experience and returned from the edge of the white light with the left side of her body paralyzed and her head filled with quantum physics. She spent a full year writing algorithmic codes and detailing the workings of this new technology, then hired a programmer to create the actual device. As feedback pours in from those using the Trinfinity8, Dr. Forti is as surprised as anyone to witness the powerful impact her invention is having on those who use it. The next phase of my investigation into the workings of this new informational technology was in using it on myself, my family, and my patients. I called in some of my more challenging patients, starting with a man who has been unable to experience joy for much of his life. He describes it as a “numbness” that’s between him and the rest of the world. Enjoyable things happen to him, but he’s not able to feel it. I invited him to use the new machine twice a week at no charge.
I ran into him in the hallway after he had received his sixth treatment and his face was bright and his eyes were sparkling. He was visibly quite different.When I asked how it was going, he replied with a flat affect, “no change.”
I encouraged him to keep coming, knowing that it was only a matter of time before he would become aware of the change that was so apparent to others. It was about a month later that he emailed me saying that he had woken up that morning feeling the kind of joy that he hadn’t experienced since he was five or six years old.
I’ve been using this device with my patients and myself now for about eighteen months. The results are very similar to the type of healing transformation I see from a deep acting homeopathic remedy.

My theory on how the Trinfinity8 works is that it opens a portal into the zero point field;

that place quantum physicists speak of from which all energy sources. Once the portal is opened, through choice of programs as well as the setting of personal intention, a request for instruction is met with algorithmic codes of information. Another way of thinking about it is that it is the first device to actualize the theory that all of what we experience as reality is really a shared hologram. The Trinfinity8 sends mathematical code into the part of the hologram that you perceive as you, your body, and makes subtle, yet profound changes in your holographic pattern. It’s been said that the use of drugs and surgical intervention is similar in impact to walking up to a movie that’s being projected on a screen and trying to change the image. Using devices like the Trinfinity8, which accesses the quantum field, is more like going back into the editing room and from there, changing the way the film is put together.

There will always be a place for drugs and physical medicine in emergency situations. For now, if a bone is broken, getting it set and cast in the right place is a necessity, but even here there’s the potential for informational modalities to become an integral part of the treatment process. After the bone has been set, the acute use of homeopathic Symphytum 200c can help the bone re-knit twice as fast as it would of its own accord.

The world of quantum physics is confirming what mystics have been saying for thousands of years, that our world is maya, a shared dream. If this is true, and I believe it is, then the Trinfinity8 delivers information that allows us to actually alter the way we dream ourselves.

What an amazing time to be alive!
  Malcolm Smith, ND ( is a naturopathic physician who specializes in informational healing technologies. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Smith introduces vibrational modalities, which assist in the process of actualization and the uncovering of the authentic self.

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  1. Allen Smith says:

    Hi Malcolm. I’m Allen Smith working with Jack Derby of Pillar of Light Enterprises.
    I’m writing on behalf of POL but mostly for myself as I have my own new keen interest in almost the identical same set of leading edge technologies. I’m really excited about coming across your page and learning more about you and what you do. We really have to talk. I’ve been getting some pretty strong intuitive hits on the “Information Field” for a couple years and have deep interest in Epigenetics, Bruce Lipton, Quantum Physics, Water, sound portals to presence (as I’m a world class Didgeridoo composer/performer.)
    And of course, I’m deeply into consciousness, dreaming (I’ve been the deepest dreamer for ever), spirituality and all of that.
    I get your message right away about this being a subjective reality and I pre dreamt the Matrix Movies back in 1981. I would say that you are the first person I’ve run across that has such an alignment with the way I see things. At least from what I’m seeing here so far. I would love to share more with you the way I see these new perspectives and have no doubts about doing so. This new perspective of Informational healing is simplty off the charts huge and will be the future of mankind in many regards. It is meant to be shared with those that can see it.
    Blessings for playing your part. I trust we will connect soon enough. Allen

    • Malcolm says:

      Great to connect with another like-minded vibrational explorer! We’ve lots in common. I’m a big dreamer and follower of my dreams as well. I look forward to speaking with you soon and hopefully meeting in the near future.
      best regards,


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