HS Video Cases & Lectures Online

Interactive Video Cases

As a registered member, you have access to an archive of Video Cases — presentations that show actual patient footage interspersed with coaching from the practitioner who solved the case. You can study the work of your favorite homeopath online, at your own pace. Through our interactive technology, you can choose the amount of guidance that is comfortable for you.

Our interactive Video Cases use professionally edited footage of real patients. Each Video takes you through the entire process of patient intake, analysis, and follow-up. The cases we’ve chosen meet our own stringent criteria and have also been verified by a third party medical doctor for authenticity.

Study at the Side of the Masters

At any time during analysis of the case, one click brings you helpful guidance from the master practitioner who treated the patient. Every Video Case also includes detailed commentary from the treating homeopath, with his or her personal approach to case analysis.

Virtual Coaching, Only as You Need It

Our comprehensive coaching feature makes the program customizable for all levels of knowledge. Choose to watch the patient intake with or without practitioner commentary. Or if you like, view it once with, and once without! Within the interactive module, you may opt for virtual coaching at any time, either from a Themes Assistant, or by watching a sight and sound repertorization of the case by the actual practitioner who treated the patient.

Multimedia Lectures and Tutorials

In addition to the video cases, we offer a collection of presentations on homeopathic practice, philosophy, and materia medica created by respected teachers. You can view these seminar-quality narrated slideshows at your own pace, and on your own schedule. The presentations are designed either to complement the formal study of homeopathy, or to serve as continuing education for established practitioners.

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