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Black Ooze From Above

The Carbon Zeitgeist
By Malcolm Smith

This is a case of a 43-year-old female who came to me in 2006 in hopes of receiving help with her agoraphobia and symptoms of chronic fatigue and immobilizing depression.

When she was able to work, she helped others as a spiritual guide and teacher, with an empathic sensitivity to what others felt. This same sensitivity caused her to be overwhelmed around groups of people.

I took some time at the start of the intake to explain the importance of visceral sensation and how useful it is for her to share any imagery that might come to mind – anything that she might say to help me understand how she felt – her experience of any given moment.

I was quite amazed at the depth of this patient !s ability to deeply perceive and relay her delusional state. Like a highly valued sensitive prover, her description of her state brought to life the zeitgeist of the carbon compound that invoked a life-changing cure.

The following is a direct transcription of the edited video case. Several years ago the patient requested that her video no longer be shown with the intention to utilize the video footage in the future in connection with the book she is currently writing. (Minor changes have been made to protect her anonymity.)

Intake: September 2006

“I have experiences where it feels like I’m falling into a bottomless pit, a well and there!s no end and it goes into a depression, agoraphobia. I can!t move. It is as if I was bound, like I was literally wrapped in chains or something, (arms wrapped around upper body) and I!m just falling down this well.”

So if you would, go back in this position (wrapping arms around chest) and talk to me about the experience of this. You!re falling into a bottomless pit; you!re bound, wrapped in chains, what!s that like?

“It!s like I!ve been thrown away and abandoned, sent off in exile to be completely and utterly alone (tears).

I almost see the image of being buried alive, being in dirt and not being able to – wanting to scream and say, you know I!m alive (tears). Don!t buryme yet, I!m still alive.

When I!m with a large group of people or out with people, after an hour and a half without fail, I will start to become unravelled (hands spiralling away from head). Exhaustion, tired, foggy. That foggy mind again. Confusion starts to set in.When that happens I say to the kids, ‘mom has to go home, I!ve had enough, now!’

I have to overcome this to do my work. It!s not like I get it in the morning and I just go out to do my work. I have to go through a whole process in my body to go out; otherwise it!s just too painful.

I feel like there are these – kind of shards – coming into me, just from being out in the world, and I!ve been this way my whole life – my whole life. I didn!t go to parties as a teenager. I would go to a party and after 30 minutes, I’m out of here.

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