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Interactive Video Cases As a registered member, you have access to an archive of Video Cases — presentations that show actual patient footage interspersed with coaching from the practitioner who solved the case. You can study the work of your favorite homeopath online, at your own pace. Through our interactive technology, you can choose the amount of guidance that is comfortable for you. Our interactive Video Cases ... Read More

Homeopathic Symposium teaches Rajan Sankaran’s Vital Sensation Approach to Homeopathy

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Dr. Malcolm Smith on the Vital Sensation Approach to Homeopathy  Read More

Homeopathic Symposium

HomeopathicSymposium.com is an Online Learning Center devoted to supporting Homeopathic Schools around the world.  Many schools use HS as an adjunct to their on-site teaching to broaden their student’s knowledge and to take advantage of additional clinical hours available to the students online. The site can also be used for continuing education credits by professionals. Some Professional Homeopaths use the site to study the Vital Sensation Technique developed by the Mumbai... Read More