Dr. Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith, ND is a homeopathic doctor with a four year medical degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Malcolm uses single remedy homeopathic medicine to bring first awareness and then the release of hidden limiting beliefs within the psyche.  His work addresses the deeper spiritual component of wellness, as it supports the process of actualization... Read More

Informational Healing

Energetic Tools For Releasing Limiting Beliefs– from Malcolm Smith ND on Vimeo. There’s a powerful paradigm shift that’s happening in the world of holistic health and healing. It’s a movement away from the use of physical substances to treat illness and disease. We’re at an amazing time in the world where physicists and mystics are reaching the same conclusion with... Read More

Healing Tubs

This 8′ cedar hot tub is filled with pure well water which uses a silver/copper/zinc ionizing system so no chemicals are needed.  Submerged in the center of the tub and lit from below is a 60 pound smoky citrine crystal which is over four million years old. The crystal creates coherence in the water, structuring it through vibration.  Soaking in this tub creates an enhanced... Read More